Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Japan home shirt 2006

I seem to have quite a collection of Japan shirts, no particular rhyme or reason to this other than following the J league as a youngster.
This shirt is from the 2006 World Cup in Germany. I always intended to get it numbered up but couldn't find anywhere in the UK that did the official printing.

Team - Japan
League - International
Year - 2006
Brand - Adidas
Purchased from - Sports Direct
Notes - Features a logo on the sleeve which represents the world cup, you can see when you look closely.

Watford away 2006

The infamous "midnight" blue Watford away shirt from that fateful premier league season. The shirt was debuted against Arsenal at the Emirates stadium.
It might not be a particularly traditional or well remembered WFC shirt but it's one of my favourites, clean and classy design with nice finishes, sounds like a wine.

Team - Watford
League - Championship (England)
Year - 2006
Brand - Diadora
Purchased from - The Hornet Shop
Notes - Features the Diadora "one to eleven" spots on the shoulder, allegedly these are heat resistant and change colour to show how much effort the players are putting in. I can't say I ever saw these change colour that season which could explain why we only finished with about 5 points that season.

Cruz Azul 3rd 2010

Now this literally is totally f**king Mexico!
One of the rarest shirts in my collection, very much doubt you'd find another of these in the UK. I picked it up from the Onion bag soccer shop in New Jersey.

Team - Cruz Azul
League - LMF (Mexico)
Year - 2010
Brand - Umbro
Purchased from - Onion bag in NJ
Notes - Special edition 3rd jersey to celebrate the clubs centenary, it's a sort of hybrid shirt as it contains elements of Umbro's tailored by range but also the standard team wear range too....fascinating!

Watford FC GK 2011

This was probably the first WFC GK shirt I've ever brought, it was purple...how could I resist??

Team - Watford
League - Championship (England)
Year - 2011
Brand - Burrda
Purchased from - The Hornet Shop
Notes - As worn by the PIG, that's pole in goal to those not ITK, that's in the know to those of you not in to know.

Brazil Away 2011

Always been a fan of the colour of this shirt, it's a shame the national team only wore this a few times, a new away shirt was out no less than a year after it was released.

Team - Brazil
League - International
Year - 2011
Brand - Nike
Purchased from - JJB Sports online
Notes - Standard replica version as opposed to the closer fitting version with bonded seams as worn by the players.

Lyon away shirt 2010

One of my all time favourites here, even if it is a little camp!

Team - Lyon
League - Ligue 1 (France)
Year - 2010
Brand - Adidas
Purchased from - TK Maxx
Notes - Standard "Climacool" replica version as opposed to the formation techfit as worn by the players

Preston NE GK 2011-12

Picked up this little number when I went to see Swindon play Preston at Deepdale. I've always liked this particular Puma template, was hoping Watford would use the same one this season.
The shirt was in the sale rail for £9.99 and rather randomly had the official printing on the back!

Team - Preston North End
League - League One (England)
Year - 2011
Brand - Puma
Purchased from - Preston club shop
Notes - Official football league numbering, Turner 21, assuming he was a GK last season who's now moved on, hence ending up in the bargain bin!

Watford FC Away 2012-13

The first post of many of my WFC shirts, starting with the most recent. I went for the name and number to brighten it up a bit, bit of a boring shirt otherwise although once Buaben is shipped out this season I may regret that!

Team - Watford FC
League - Championship (England)
Year - 2012-13
Brand - Puma
Purchased from - The Hornet Shop
Notes - Official football league numbering, Prince Buaben, the creative Ghanian international!

Monday, 3 September 2012

FC Dallas

Well this is my 1st post, there isn't any particular order here of my shirts but I'm starting with one of my more recent purchases....

Team - FC Dallas
League - MLS
Year - 2011
Brand - Adidas
Purchased from - eBay
Notes - Standard "Climacool" replica version as opposed to the formation techfit as worn by the players.