Monday, 16 June 2014

USA Away World Cup 1998

Special shirt here, possibly my all time favorite in my current collection. This shirt is infamous in US soccer history as it was worn during France 98 where they lost every group game and didn't even score a goal! 
I actually have two of these shirts, this is in medium which features France 98 signage and Eric Wynalda printing.  The other shirt I have is in size small but is plain. I purchased this shirt from eBay, randomly coming from Spain. Its in excellent condition and would say its my most valuable shirt too with the printing, have never seen anything like this listed on eBay before so its very rare.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Espanyol Away 2013-14

Since watching Espanyol last season on a trip to Barcelona I have a bit of a soft spot for them so on my most recent trip I made it my top priority to pick up a shirt from the current season...

I found this in a shop called Sport Zone where it was 10 Euros cheaper (30) than the club shop. The plan was to get it printed but as I brought it after visiting the Espanyol club shop the only other shop that would print didn't have the official names and numbers....and also wanted to charge an extra 10 euros to print it, I politely declined!

The shirt uses the standard Puma template from last season but does have a few unique twists to it. The black sash behind the club badge has the parrot which is a symbol of the club but haven't actually found out what the significance is. Another extra to this template is the light blue stripes to the shoulders, usually the template is plain. Also the main body of the shirt is made to look like a cotton t-shirt, this is very similar to the new Marseille shirt (which I will be adding to the blog soon).
Inside the shirt the club slogan of "La forca d'un sentiment" is written behind the yellow and red Catalan stripes, the slogan roughly translates to "the strength of feeling".

Monday, 9 June 2014

Bronby Away 2012-13

Spontaneous purchase here from Sports Direct.  I hadn't seen this Adidas template before so thought I'd add it to the collection.  I have no idea what the insignia is inside or at the bottom of the shirt is but it does have the word slag!
The pictures didn't come out very well, the stripes are aluminous yellow and the shirt is dark grey, or electricity and dark shale as Adidas call it.  Either way it matches perfectly with my running shorts and trainers.