Wednesday, 21 May 2014

USA Centenary Home 2012

Next up in my World Cup series is the USA centenary home shirt from 2012, player version. This shirt was purchased on eBay, the idea was to take it on holiday with me to Washington DC and get it printed over in the states, but unfortunately it wasn't posted in time so didn't receive it 'till after the holiday! However I was able to find an official sporting ID nameset on eBay which I took down to my local DW sports and they kindly printed the shirt for me, for free.
As you can see from the picture the shirt is the official player version with rubber "t-strips" on the shoulders and lazer cut holes on the sides. The fit of the shirt is a little more tailored to the body, although thankfully for me the Nike shirts aren't as tight fitting as the Adidas player versions.

I have to say this is one of my favorite shirts in my collections, and the fact it cost about £40 in total compared to the usual price of over £100 makes it more satisfying.
The shirt was used in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup and notably featured in a friendly match against Germany where the states won 4-3.  I found it a little ironic that match was played in Washington DC at the JFK stadium, where I watched my first MLS match and should have had the shirt with me if it had arrived on time in the post!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pescara Away 2012-13

The first ERREA shirt in my collection is the Pescara away shirt from last season. I believe Pescara were in Seria A the season this shirt was out but subsequently got relegated. I noticed the shirt a while back while playing FIIFA, loved the colour scheme and the Dolphin woven into the material. The material of the shirt feels very thin, similar to a Lycra style base layer or one of the old Kappa shirts. This was another purchase from the clearance section on

Russia Home World Cup 2014

First up from my collection of World Cup shirts is the Russia home by Adidas. This has to be one of my best eBay bargains, long sleeved shirt for £25. I was sceptical it might be a fake given these usually go for £50 (in short sleeves) but on very close inspection I'm convinced it's authentic. It came with all original tags and in a sealed Adidas bag, perhaps it was off the back of a lorry as they say, but needless to say I'm pretty chuffed with it!

The shirt is inspired by Russia's history in the space race with the blocks down the front. The colour is very nice and is the usual departure from the traditional red or blue that's been used in the past. All the Adidas World Cup shirts feature a solid block across the back, just above where the players name would be, this apparently creates a solid line when the players are in a huddle but have yet to notice it. The Russia flag just below the three stripes on the arm is a very nice touch, haven't noticed this on any of the other World Cup shirts. 

I would like to get the shirt printed, hoping the Adidas store on Oxford street will oblige on my next trip to London.