Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Marseille Special Edition 4th 2012-13

As mentioned in my last post, I brought this shirt from a French supermarket in Lens, was very surprised to see they have all 4 Marseille shirts from last season, all at 37 Euros. I had been after this shirt for a while after I saw in on a trip to France last year but it was 75 Euros and couldn't quite justify that sort of money.
OK, more about the actual shirt....This was released as a special edition to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. As far as I know it was only work twice by Marseille, but never the less I like the simplistic design and the black and pink works really well.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Marseille Away 2012-13

A rather unique offering here from Adidas, a reversible shirt. One side is black and the other is orange. The idea came from the Marseille fans who would turn their bomber jackets inside out to show the orange lining. I don't confess to the know the entire history of is but I believe it's something to do with "skin heads" but it seems strange the club would endorse such a culture. 
The other feature of the shirt is the "tattoo" design to he sleeves and orange back. This was designed by a famous French tattoo artist apparently, his name is signed onto the shirt but can't make it out.
I actually saw this shirt in a supermarket during a recent visit to northern France but decided to buy last seasons 4th shirt (blog post to follow) instead. This decision worked out well as
ClassicFootballShirts got a batch in the very next day nearly £10 cheaper than I saw in France.