Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Columbus Crew Away 2012-14

This is one of my all time favorite shirts in recent history, which is a little odd as I don't usually like white tops but the yellow and black is such a nice tough.
What I like about the shirt is how it uses the home colours (yellow and black) so its easy to wear with the home shorts and socks, that's what an away shirt should be, just a play on the home kit.
You will notice the Colombus Crew motto across the backline of the collar, "America's hardest working team".
I was very pleased to see this come up on eBay as I was almost tempted to pay full price for it from

Friday, 22 August 2014

Sporting Kansas City Away 2011-13

One of my favorite team from the MLS here, Sporting Kansas City. This is the away shirt that was used for a couple of seasons from 2011 through to 2103. The main reason I got this (not just 'cos it was cheap) was I always played with Kansas on FIFA and kind of grew fond of this shirt, have always liked the combination of dark blue and light blue. Its quite a unique template too, don't even know what its based on.
I have my eye on the new Sporting KC away shirt but haven't seen it come up on eBay yet.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Houston Dynamo Away 2013-14

Another one from the MLS, this time its the Houston Dynamo away shirt from the 2013-14 season. This shirt uses the Tiro 14 template which was very popular last season, several Premier League teams used this template, its probably the 3rd Tiro shirt I have in my collection.
I liked the colour scheme of this one, was ideally after the orange home shirt but as its still in use by Houston its a bit more expensive and haven't come across it yet on eBay. I'm surprised there weren't any extra touches added to the shirt, I have noticed the MLS shirts have more detail and don't tend to just follow the standard Adidas template.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Philadelphia Union Home 2012-13

This is the Formotion player version of last seasons Philadelphia Union home shirt. There are two player versions of Adidas shirts, this one and the Techfit version. The Techfit versions are the super tight fitting ones that have the rubber strips across the shoulders. The Formotion version like this is slightly tighter fit than the Climacool replica version but also has screen printed badges, the USA flag on the right hand side and usually has an extra club logo on the back, (usually the case with MLS shirts). This one has the snake logo on the back just below the collar. The Formotion version also has the "Official licenced product" to the bottom of the shirt on the back.
I picked this shirt up from eBay making the most of the decent exchange rate at the moment, it was actually much bigger than I expected, given its a player version I thought it would be more fitted but it almost fits the same as the replica shirts, another one to sit in my wardrobe and never get worn! I found the collar very hard to get on with, its very loose and feels as if its been stretched. I've certainly not come across this type of collar with Adidas before.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New England Revolution 2012-13

This is the New England Revolution home shirt from the previous MLS season. With the Pound being quite strong against the dollar I've brought a few MLS shirts recently on eBay and this is the first of five shirts to come. This is just the standard ClimaCool replica version, although it does have the flag on the back of the shirt which is usually only on the authentic shirts.  I like the colour scheme on this shirt, you don't often see blue, white and red used together.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Malaga Home 2013-14

Another bargain here from Classic Football Shirts, making the most of their 20% off voucher. I wanted this shirt last time I was over in Malaga when I ran the Torremolinos half marathon but the shirts were still too expensive. I might take this over next year when I go again for the same race and get it printed up, the numbers are very cool.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Marseille 3rd 2014-15

This is the new Marseille 3rd shirt for the coming season. I don't usually buy new shirts, mainly because they are so expensive but as I had a 30% off voucher from and can fit into the youth XL size (IE don't have to pay VAT) it only worked out at around £25.
The shirt features the horizontal curve on the shoulder, which is something to do with the World Cup in Brazil but I cant find the article I read about it to reference. I'm sure it was very interesting ;) As Marseille shirts go this is quite plain but I'm a sucker for black shirts and the electric blue. The blue cross on the front of the shirt is the city of Marseille badge, this has featured on various shirts down the years. My only criticism of the shirt is that the stripes down the side are blacked out, the blue would look much nicer, like we saw in the world cup.